When they're happy

you're happy

Keep your residents active and socially engaged

America's silent epidemic

Isolation isn't easy. Social Isolation, boredom, and anxiety are taking a toll on seniors.

33% suffer from depression

Depressive symptoms are becoming commonplace among elderly populations

66% have worse isolation

2/3rds of seniors in homes now report increased levels of social isolation

25% have worse anxiety

1/4th of our seniors report suffering increased levels of anxiety

Let VR do its magic

Virtual Reality is associated with lower levels of stress, anxiety, and isolation with increased socialization

Pricing Plans



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For individuals or parents looking for an immersive VR experience

package includes:

100 VR videos

Seasonal packages

Discounted headset



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separate from on-time base fee, changes by size*

For assisted living, nursing, and/or retirement communities

package includes:

500 VR videos

Seasonal packages

Free headsets*

Worried about affordability? Please contact us at walkthru.incubator@gmail.com. WalkThru is committed toward increasing digital equity for seniors in low-income, or underprivileged communities.

Hear from communities

"WalkThru is a game changing innovation transforming the future of the way we retire."

- Tina Bertelle former activity director

"I met a Korean [war] veteran who couldn't fly anymore, stroke took away half his body... he flew, with WalkThru!"

- Associated activity director on Fox 7 (2020)

Unmatched Library

WalkThru's content library boasts over 500+ high-fidelity VR tours and videos

Explore countless destinations from the Tower of London to the iconic Red Square in Moscow, Russia! The WalkThru VR Europe package is certainly one not to miss, filled with iconic locations and unmistakable landmarks.

From Mayan Temples to the Canadian Tundra opportunities to explore far and wide have never been better. WalkThru's VR Americas package takes you through the heart of South American rainforests to the skyscraper jungles of urban New York!

From Mughal palaces to the Imperial city WalkThru's Asia package takes you straight through magnificent cities and historical sites across south, southeast, and east Asia!


Ready for a thrilling Tiger encounter? WalkThru's VR Africa package never fails to deliver. From tours in the sunbaked savannah to safari adventures the thrills are limitless!

Looking to escape the city? WalkThru's Deep Sea tours are the ultimate packages for maritime explorers. From wildlife encounters with dolphins and turtles to tropical islands it's truly an aquatic paradise!