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What is WalkThru?

WalkThru is a nonprofit-startup aimed at increase access to VR based solutions in order to combat isolation among seniors.

How do I donate?

As a non-profit, WalkThru is always looking for donations. You can find more information under our "partners" -> "donors" page!

Free for communities?

WalkThru is provided for free to most assisted living and senior living homes. There is a base fee*

How do you make money?

As a non-profit WalkThru raises money through grants, donations, and base fees and individual package fees paid by clients.


How does it work?

WalkThru is an app you download on your phone. You will be able to stream VR tours with any headset of choice!

Is it only for seniors?

Nope! WalkThru can be used by anyone.

Where do I download?

WalkThru will be available on the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store for download.

What if I don't have a VR headset?

That's okay! WalkThru offers reliable headsets at a discounted price. Check it out under our "families
or "senior living" pages.


How do VR tours work?

Once you go into the app and play a video slide your phone into the headset and either wear the headset or hold it to your face! You sit down in one place while using it.

What if I suffer from seizures or sensitivity?

If you have or do suffer from seizures or any form of photosensitivity we advise against using WalkThru.

Can I donate videos?

Yes you can! Check out our "creators" page underneath the "partners" section for further information.

Why can't I use YouTube?

Many existing streaming services have too many ways for seniors to accidentally pause, skip, or lose a video. WalkThru provides a streamlined and easy to use UX.